Monday, 31 March 2014

Getting Over Cancer

Getting over cancer is a lot easier said than done. I don't think I will ever get over having cancer as it is a life changing experience which has made me view my life in a different perspective. It has changed both my present life and my future. 

You realise that life is too short to worry about little things such as how you look, money or disputes between people. I am cancer free today and am looking forward to this November when I will receive my all clear. Even though I am cancer free, I still suffer with side effects from the treatment. One of them being chronic fatigue which I am currently trying to build my strength up to if not to overcome but improve this. After having treatment the doctors don't warn you how emotionally draining cancer is, it is so had to move on and forget and very few cancer survivors can do this. For those people who can completely move on and forget forever, I wish I had your super power to do so. Now I am out of hospital and clear of cancer, people assume you are all better & I really wish this was the case. Of course I feel so much better now than before treatment and hope to eventually recover back to my normal self. 

Cancer doesn't just effect your body physically but it effects you emotionally a lot and as family and friends will know that sometimes I may all of a sudden become angry or emotional. I try and pace myself and do as much as I can but there comes a time when I crash and then end up in bed for days and at 21 years old this is vey annoying as I should have so much energy and shouldn't get tired so easily..I feel like an 80 year old & not a 21 year old. I get tired really easily, suffer with bone and muscle pain, and my concentration level is completely crap! I find it so hard to concentrate and am always asking people the same question a few times..which is probably really annoying for them to. Apologies:) 
 I swear I still have chemo brain or when I had my TBI they blasted a lot of my memory away!
 Even though I suffer with all this, I always remind myself to stay positive and lift myself up if I do hit a low point. 
Onwards and Upwards!

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