Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Hair Do

After 15 months of my hair growing it is now at that 'awkward stage' I am not complaining as having some hair is better than no hair right? It's just so hard to style an awkward hair length.
 I have to say that my hair now is completely different to my hair before. Before having cancer my hair was really long, straight,  thick and blonde...I say blonde but my natural hair colour was dark mousey as I used to get my hair highlighted often. Now after cancer my hair is short (obviously), curly (especially when It's wet or I am extremely hot) really thick (thicker than before...I didn't know this was possible) and a dark brown colour (the same as my brother..weird).I decided to have a few highlights put in. At first I hated it as it was noticeable and different to having dark hair. As my birthday was this weekend just gone I wanted to do something a bit different with it and as it is at such an awkward length and I have to grip the back up I decided for a colour. After looking at photo's from my birthday I think it looks nice and doesn't make my hair look so 'blocky'. I say this but will it be one of those where you look back and think what the hell was I thinking. 
It felt weird having my 'new hair' highlighted as It has never had colour or anything put on it and the fact that before cancer, it used to be such a common thing for me to have strange. I really can't wait for my hair to grow a lot more and get past this really awkward length..I am looking forward to having a bob and seeing how it grows out..will the curls grow out and straighten? will I have super wavy hair?  OR will I have  beyonce curls? 
I'm just glad it is growing as sometimes after treatment your hair can never grow back, so I am very grateful that it is growing.

Always Smiling x


  1. It looks gorgeous! My friend's hair has grown back even thicker, darker and curlier post-chemo and it looks fab! x

    1. Thanks Charlotte. It is crazy how different your hair can grow, I am glad your friend is doing well :) .x