Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mrs Carter World Tour

Well after my busy weekend in Cornwall, I had a night at home and then had to set off on my train to London to see the one and only Beyonce! She was honestly amazing! I have always wanted to see her live and my dreams finally came true. I went to London with my auntie, mum, Kate & Kath and our family friend Tracy.

On the Tuesday we got a train from Plymouth to London (4 hours) we met a dear old man on the train who amazed us, he could tell us the day we were born on by us telling him our dates of he done it i don't know but it passed a lot of our time on our long train journey!
 When we arrived in London our hotel was a walk away from the station. Luckily Tracy used to live in London so she knew where she was going which was so helpful. After checking into our hotel we wanted to go for something to eat and I wanted to do some shopping in London at Westfield shopping center. 
The shops were HUGE and there were so many different shops that we don't have in Plymouth which I loved. I could have spend £££ but only picked up a few bits of makeup, few tops and then went to nandos for something to eat which was lush. I got really tired and my feet started to swell up which was not good! :( so we headed home and had an early night. 

On Wednesday (THE DAY!!) we decided to go to Madame Tussauds for the day. We got ready and went to find somewhere to eat. We found a lovely patisserie at the end of the street where we were staying and I had poached eggs, bacon and toast. It was really yummy! 

We then got on the tube to Madame Tussauds (luckily Tracy knew where to go) I have been when I was a lot younger but Kath & Kate had never been. We got to Madame Tussauds and it was busy busy busy, we were told it would be a 2 hour wait but luckily we only waited about 45 mins. We had 2 4 1 tickets too which was handy! We had lots and lots of fun and I was amazed how real some of the wax works looked.
After a few hours of fun and laughter at Madame Tussauds we went back to the hotel and started to get ready to see Beyonce (AHHHH) We bought a few bottles of wine to share as we had plenty of time to spare and when we arrived at the 02 it was packed.
Excited much?
They had Beyonce everything, the bars were selling Beyonce drinks & cocktails.
The Beyonce merchandise was amazing and I bought myself a top. I could have spent £££.
We  had Sky Backstage passes, this didn't mean that we could go backstage and meet her
( I WISH). Because we were sky tv customers, at the O2 they have a sky backstage area where you can have pictures taken on a red carpet, have plenty of drinks, a massage, a makeover and sing star. It is so worth doing if you are with sky or know anyone that is and you are going to a concert at 02. We had so so much fun and even missed the support act cus we were enjoying ourselves too much! 

After having an amazing time in the Sky Backstage bar we were ready to see Queen B. 
Even Though we didn't have the best seats, it was amazing! We could see her very well and she was amazing. She's a beautiful talented woman, me and Kath cried because we just couldn't believe we were there seeing her! 
We were all dancing and booty shaking. Loved it.
Truly amazing woman!
I still can't believe I have seen her live. How she can dance and sing like that god knows but she is blessed. It is definitely a night i will never forget and I hope to see her again when she next tours the UK.

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