Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Evening, evening! Wow it's been very long since I wrote a little update..too long if you ask me but I have been a busy bee!
Well firstly I want to update you on everything but of course that is going to take a lot longer than I had expected so I won't bore you and cram it in to one post. I didn't plan on writing again but thought it would be nice to write a little update on everything since I last wrote in 2016..how shit am i!?  I will probably write posts about my adventures I have been on as well as little life updates over the few years. 
Firstly, Health wise I am very well. I will be 6 years post transplant this November..6 bloody years! How crazy..gee whizz! I have yearly haematology clinics to keep a good eye on me. My clinical team are still really amazing and I can contact them any time if I have any problems/feel unwell which; touch wood (touching wood) I haven't had to call for a very long time!..let's keep it that way! 
Since I last updated my blog in 2016 so much has changed in my life. I have met the love of my life (soppy I know) and we have moved into a beautiful apartment together. I am also working full time and have ticked a lot of adventures off my bucket list.
I have really missed spending my Sunday evening's writing and sharing my random thoughts and adventures on here. I am still obsessed with taking photos and enjoying life by living each day. I rarely stop to have time to sit down, relax and unwind but I have been talking about my blog to my colleagues in work recently and felt proud to have written this blog for 4 years and spoke about my experience and life post cancer. I thought why the hell not continue with it..I have just had a well needed break. 

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