Sunday, 10 April 2016


I have spent a lot of time with my little lovelies this month. I now have three little ones to spend all my spare time with and keep me on my feet on my free days. Little Autumn, Theo and Esme, I'm so lucky to have these little stars in my life. 
How cute!
Getting into what I actually got up to this month. I started off by visiting the National Marine Aquarium with my Sister in Law, Autumn and Theo. They loved looking at the fishes and water, both of them were fascinated. 
After the awards ceremony in London last month. Me and mum decided to visit the Tower Of London. The hotel we were staying in was near and we decided to make the most of our time in London, it was an interesting and great trip.
After a crazy few days in London I went on a little trip to Penryn, Cornwall to visit my Auntie and meet up with my friend Soph who I hadn't seen for a long time. The weather was beautiful, I spent a few days there and had a lovely time 

I took my Mum and Nan to one of our favourite places to eat last month for Mother's Day. The Angels tea room in Babbacombe, it's a truly beautiful place. I wrote a blog post about it here.
The weather is starting to brighten up meaning one thing..Sunday dog walks on the beach! It was Autumn's first trip to the beach and she slept most of the walk. 
She looks like a little teddy bear in her sling doesn't she?
In last month's photos I mentioned about one of my friend's being Pregnant. 
Well here she is..beautiful Olivia Rose Cameron. I spent a few afternoons having lots of cuddles with the little cutie. 

After 3 months of managing and putting all my effort into this event. The abseil was a huge success and I actually had the guts to abseil 100ft myself. We don't know the total amount raised yet but have a rough idea of £9,000 which is fantastic!
A little random collage of photos from evenings spent with the girls. Love them!
Last week I went to Birmingham to see one of my favourite singers, Adele. She was amazing and exceeded my expectations completely. 
Have you been up to much this month?


  1. The only thing I did this month was studing! I'm so glad that you managed to do so many things ^_^

    1. Thank you for your comment. Did you say studying? What are you studying for? :) x