Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I have become slightly obsessed with my new gadget. Most of you know that I absolutely love taking photos weather it's capturing moments of events, nature, family or friends, I just love it! 
Not only do I take hundreds of photos, I also love to print them and organise them into photo albums as in the future I want my children and grandchildren to look through photo albums as I enjoy to do this with my parents and grandparents and hate the thought of not being able to because everything being very technical and photos being stored and shared online. 

After my camera breaking the other week I was devastated but cheered myself up by buying a macro lens attachment for my I-Phone for a bargain price of £3. For the price it is excellent, you also receive a wide lens which is pretty cool. 
I thought I would share some of my photos with you. 


  1. Oh dear the camera breaking is never good but your macro lens for your phone sounds amazing ! I love the pictures, especially the ladybird and the feather ones :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. I know Marianne, I was devastated when my camera broke, lucky my auntie has given me her old one which is handy but honestly I find that I take better quality photos with my phone so seems an easier option. Aww I'm glad you enjoy the photos o would reccomend anyone to buy one, they are so much fun!

      Hope you're well lovely!

      Elisha xxxxxxxx

  2. Wow, such incredible photos! I never knew a macro lens attachment could work so well, they look stunning! Your blog is truly so inspirational, I loved reading your story so much and I could not imagine a braver, lovelier person. I'm your newest reader! :D xx

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I have always wanted a macro lens and when I seen that you could buy them for your phone I was so delighted! Thank you lovely! I am happy that you are enjoying reading my blog, I am currently reading your new blog post on the train to London! Welcome :)
      Elisha xxxx