Sunday, 29 November 2015


Today I am celebrating being cancer free for 3 years! 
These posts are becoming more regular than I ever expected and for that I am so thankful and blessed. Obviously I am over the moon to have made it 3 year post stem cell transplant and I know it seems very cliche but I honestly didn't think I would considering the crappy odds of survival I was given. I usually write a long post about how amazing it feels but thought I would leave this short and snappy with a few things I wish to share and say. 
This is obviously a very happy day for myself and my family but I do always think of those who have devastatingly lost their battle which is happening sadly too often and is recently very close to home. 
Something I feel that I can't shift is the guilt, I always ask myself why? why? and feel deeply guilty for still being alive, over these past few years I have witnessed too many young people taken so soon from such an awful disease. Gosh I fucking hate cancer! 
I know I am 3 years on and most of you will think i'm inane still talking about having cancer and my journey and probably think well get over it but it is something that is part of me and I have embraced since being diagnosed.
 Yes I know a lot of people will think that I am better now so i should just shrug it off but I think that I was given a chance for a reason and that is to support others going through this horrible disease and by writing my blog, volunteering, fundraising and charity involvement I am completely enjoying it.
To end this post I wanted to share with you all ways how you can help save lives. It is something I have posted a lot about before and feel extremely passionate about. People don't realise the importance of it until they experience it themselves. If I can achieve anything through my blog, it's raising awareness which is hugely important for not only myself but for every cancer patient. 
Sign up to the Bone Marrow Register!
Give Blood!


  1. Congratulations Elisha, that's great news. I am nearly 7 years clear of cancer now and have to say that the worries never go away, they do however become less frequent as time passes.

    1. Thank you lovely and Congratulations on being nearly 7 years post cancer, I am so happy to hear this. :)x