Friday, 7 August 2015


Last week I had my transplant clinic and it went extremely well. 
I am still cancer free *WAHOO! 

 I go to late effects clinic now which is every 3 months, here my consultants check my obs, blood results and give me a general check all over. We then have a little chit chat about how I feel and if I have been suffering with any late side effects. 
I already suffer with fatigue, brain fog and pain. 
I discussed with my consultant about my recent pain in the ass which is my legs, they keep swelling up and I suffer with extreme leg cramp which also effects my feet and toes. Since visiting my consultant, he has put me on tablets called Quinine which have already started to work. :) 
I don't want to drag this post out and just to say that I am still steadily ticking along on this journey to a full recovery. I have come so far and now, people look at me and would never know!

 I love that! 

I have learnt to smile always, even if I do feel like complete crap! 
I am always reminded by my nurses and doctors how it is a life changing transplant I have had and most of the time my mind thinks differently.
 The one thing I would completely change is my energy levels and how I feel like an achy, old lady when I should be a free, young spirit. 
And obviously the shitty fact that I can't have children, but I'll cope with that when I come to wanting to have a family, which isn't any time soon. 

On another note, my consultant has booked me to see a Dermatologist just to be on the safe side. He noticed a mole on my back which looked a bit 'dodgy' I have had the mole forever and I have noticed that it is large and sticks out a little but I have never been worried about it. 
Since my transplant I have to be super safe in the sun and I have to check myself regularly because I am most likely to get a secondary cancer in my lifetime. I think that this appointment is just a check up to make sure that everything is dandy. 

I also have to book an appointment at my doctors surgery to have live vaccinations. ( I have had to wait 2 year to have these) It isn't safe to have them before because of having a premature immune system.

Well that's just a little update for ya'll. I have my next clinic appointment in October so i'll fill you in then! 

Happy Days!

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