Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I have been using a waterproof mascara since I had my transplant because I suffer with hot sweats now and then so mascara just falls off. I usually use the L'Oreal Paris Volume Mascara and my friend Kate advised me that this mascara was amazing and I totally agree with her. This mascara it long lasting and lashes look natural when I use it. 

I have been using this a lot recently. I know it is summer time and the perfect weather for tanning. I had an event last month and needed a quick fix to have nice tanned legs. I have had this for a while but never used it, so the week before the event I started using it daily and the results were brilliant! 
It gives a glowing, natural tan. The only tip I would mention is to use gloves when applying or wash your hands straight after using it. 

 Blog's I have been loving. 
I thought I would feature some of my favourite blogs on this monthly's favourites. 
I read blogs on a daily basis and and love finding new ones to enjoy. These are my favourites who I have been following for a few years and I would highly recommend following them, they are each different in their own ways and I bloody love 'em all.

I had to feature these on this months favourites, I have been wearing them since the day I bought them. I bought a pair last year and absolutely loved them. 
This pair was only £9.99 and honestly they are the comfiest pair of sandals I have ever worn. They aren't the prettiest sandals but I would definitely choose comfort over style. Definitely a must have!

This bronzer was a freebee when I bought some makeup in boots the other day. I have been using this as a powder now I have a bit of a tan on my face. 
It is £5.99 to buy and I would highly recommend this for a cheap drug store product, it is a light wear powder and it is waterproof, what a bonus!

As much as I love this weather, the change really effects my skin. Every time I have a bad break out, I use this all over my face and it helps get rid of my blemishes. 
I have had this bottle for over a year and still have a small amount in there. 
My skin feels lovely and smooth when applied and I have seen clear results every time I use it. 

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