Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Disneyland Paris Surprise Trip

Hello March! How crazy is it to think that we are a quarter of the way into the year already! Mad mad mad! 
I am absolutely shattered today and am being a completely lazy bum! Yesterday afternoon I returned from a trip to Disneyland Paris! It was amazing! I was going to post about it before I went but it was a surprise for my sister's birthday so I thought it would be best not to, just to be super safe.

Me and my mum were looking at going to London for the week for a treat for mine and Ella's birthday, they are both at the end of February so we thought why not do something different like a trip away instead of receiving presents and money like every year. We priced up travelling to London, staying in a nice hotel, visiting the attractions and obviously spending money shopping etc. The price was extortionate but we were still planning to go. We were about to book it when we decided last minute to price up Disneyland Paris..random I know but Ella has never been to Disneyland and before she was born when I was 11 the whole family went to Florida so we thought why not surprise her to a trip to Disneyland Paris which is obviously a cheaper and smaller scaled option. We priced it up and it surprisingly worked out around the same price. After browsing the internet for hours and trying alternative routes to travel we found a really amazing deal and decided to book it. We kept it a secret from Ella until we arrived at the airport, she still thought we were going to London but we surprised her just before we went to check into the airport. You can also view the video here.
I was so excited, I am surprised that I didn't slip up on the secret of our trip. I did mention euros a few times but she didn't click. Me and my mum were just as excited as she was to go so it was really hard for us not to say anything to her. 
The cheapest way of travelling to Disneyland for us was to fly from Exeter airport to Paris CDG airport. We looked at an alternative route by travelling on the euro star and it worked out a lot more expensive as it meant we would have had to get a train to London.

We booked the whole trip on the Disneyland site and managed to get a reasonably priced deal for 5 nights. :)
We stayed at a Disney hotel, the Cheyenne Hotel, considering it is only a 2 star hotel I thought it was brilliant. The hotel is cowboy and western themed, they incorporated the theme into the hotel really well with special Disney touches. I loved it!
It had a shuttle bus from the hotel to the parks so it meant walking wasn't an issue. 
You can't see this photo clearly but the bar stools were horse saddles. 
The hotel is very basic, it doesn't have a swimming pool and has limited facilities. It has a restaurant, bar, shop and games room. It had mostly everything we needed to cater for our trip so we were happy with that. The only negative side to this hotel was there was no kettle or tea making facilities in our room and for what you pay to stay there you would expect to have some. I don't know whether it is just our English tradition to drink a lot of tea therefore the French don't have to cater this but we were able to pay a deposit to have a kettle for our stay which then resolved the problem.  

I am going to write a number of posts rather than cramming everything into one long blog post. 

Coming up -
Walt Disney Studios
Disneyland Park
Magical Parade
Meeting the Characters

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