Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Month In Photos | January 2015

Some photos I took of the beautiful woods at the back of my house. The photo on the right is a tree trunk which I found rather funny as it looked like a smiley face to me, yes I am easily amused! I also met with my friend Georgia and her new husky puppy, Luna. She is adorable and weirdly Jay warmed to her which is very unlike him as he usually hates puppies the old man!
One Saturday eve I went to my cousins 21st birthday. It was great to catch up and celebrate with family and friends who I haven't seen in a long time. The two handsome chaps in the photos are my 'cousins', we have always called ourselves cousins as we have grown up together but are not related at all, they are my mums best friends sons. We don't see much of each other now as we have all grown up but it was lovely to catch up. It was also one of my lifetime friends Aimee's birthday the same evening so I met up with her and the girls after and partied the night away...obviously it took me a few days to recover. But being 21 I just can't resist a night out!
You all know how much I love spending time with my niece Esme, it is a monthly must for me, maybe weekly. The top right photo is of my Nan and Esme being really cheeky when we were out for a meal, she goes through phases of loving a certain toy and last month was Jessie and Woody from Toy Story so she had to take them with her to every place we visited. The photo bottom left is from when we visited my friend Maria and her little boy Louie. I love this photo of my friend Kath and the little ones. Esme and Louie play lovely together and it is heart warming to watch their friendship blossom.

I have been waiting for over two years to have this tattoo done. When I was in hospital I was adamant that once my treatment and everything was over I would get a tattoo that meant something. I had my first tattoo when I was 17 and it was something I just wanted to have done when I turned 17 as my dad's best friend is a tattoo artist. So getting back to the main story behind this tattoo, a lot of my time in hospital was spent browsing the internet and when I came across a similar design I knew that it was the tattoo I was going to have. After my treatment I had to wait 2 years until it was safe to have a tattoo and here we are. Before I had it done I knew that I wanted it on my arm but the idea in my head was to have it a lot smaller, well it turns out that it just looked like a scribble so having it a bit larger was better. I was nervous that it would hurt but honestly the pain was nothing compared to having my bone marrow syringed out. My tattoo is now fully healed and I really love it! It means a lot to me and I was tempted to have lyrics from a song that kept me going during my treatment. Ghosts that we knew - Mumford and Sons.

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