Monday, 19 May 2014

My Life In Photos | April 2014

Another month has passed, more memories have been created & of course a lot of photos have been taken. I haven't done much this month but that doesn't stop me from using my i-phone to take photos on a daily basis. 
April is a busy birthday month. At the beginning of April it was my Nan's birthday, we celebrated by going to a lovely Greek restaurant on the barbican called Meze Bar and Grill. We had never been here before and thought we would try it as they had an online offer for a 3 course meal for £10. I would recommend this place as the the food was delicious. 
As long as the weather is nice and dry I try to get out as much as I can. One of my favourite places to visit is Tavistock Park, it it a 30 min drive from my home. It has a park, a river, a market and some shops. I tend to take my nan or Esme with me and we end up taking a picnic and feeding the ducks. 
I ended up going to the Zoo with a few of the girls, Kate, Rach & Ceej this month. We are lucky to have a few zoo's near to where we live, Dartmoor, Paignton, Newquay & Exmoor. We have never been to Exmoor zoo so thought we would give it a try. It took us a while to get there as I was in charge of the sat nav & we started our journey heading towards the national park and not the zoo, thanks to my shitty sat nav skills. After eventually arriving there I really enjoyed it. It wasn't to hilly which is such a positive as I get tired really easily, I struggle being on my feet for a long time but the zoo was small so this didn't effect me to much. Me and the girls can be childish at times and we love it. 
This month was the Plymouth half marathon and my family and I volunteered for CLIC Sargent to help at the event. This involved in us handing out inflatables to people to help share awareness of the charity and cheering for the runners. It was such an amazing atmosphere and there were 1500 children running 1 mile for CLIC Sargent. There were lots of people running for lots of different amazing charities, it was overwhelming watching them start and finish as they are all doing it for a chosen charity. I would love to run it when I feel much fitter, it is now one of my future goals. 
April is one of the worst months for eating! Easter = lots of chocolate. Even at the age of 21 I still receive chocolate eggs from my family..lindt bunnies are my favourite! I celebrate Easter with all my family members. My mum usually hides little Easter eggs in the garden for Ella & Esme to find, we also go for a long walk and then end the day with a huge roast dinner. I am unsure of my religious belief but we always talk about the real reason why we celebrate Easter and as a family we all have different views. 

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