Friday, 12 February 2016


I feel that 2016 is full of amazing experiences, witnessing the birth of my niece last month and now this month this happened and I had one of the amazing experiences of my life, sounds a little dramatic but it's honestly true. I was contacted by the Teenage Cancer Trust and she asked if I would be interested in going to a film premiere in Leicester Square, London. I obviously jumped at the opportunity and said I was interested. I think they chose names out of a hat and I was chosen. It was very late notice so I only had a few days to plan the trip. 
Me and Mum decided to travel on the coach to London. Surprisingly the trip was not bad at all considering it was a 5 hour long journey. 
We arrived in London just in time to get ready for the film premiere. I am a huge fan of Pride & Prejudice so was really intrigued what the film would be like and so excited yet nervous to walk down the red carpet. 
 Met the handsome Douglas Booth. 

The film was really good, there was a bit of a twist and by the title I didn't imagine it working well but it did. It wasn't the best film I've watched but the overall experience was brilliant! I would like to thank the Teenage Cancer Trust on giving me the opportunity and tickets to attend the film premiere.

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