Monday, 23 June 2014

My Month In Photos | May 2014

Another month has passed and we have had some beautiful weather in Plymouth. 
I had a meeting this month with the CLIC Sargent advisory group and had to travel to Birmingham which was over a 3 hour drive. I asked mum if she wanted to make a short break of it and stay there for a few nights so we booked a hotel and spent our break shopping til we dropped at the Bullring shopping center. The meeting I went to was held at the science museum and I received free entry to the museum for me and mum, we had lots of fun and learnt lots of interesting facts. If you ever go to Birmingham it's worth a visit. 
We have had such nice weather this month and I spent some evenings going for short walks. Unfortunately I still get tired easily so I don't push myself to far but enjoy walking especially when the weather is nice. I spent one evening at the beach with the girls where we watched the sun set and roasted marshmallows around a fire. I really love summer evenings :)
I went to the beach for the day for the first time this year. We had the sunniest day and decided to go to Paignton. I am so lucky to live near some amazing places and Paignton is one of them. It is a busy town with lots of shops, a beach and pier. Additionally you can buy the nicest takeaway chips in the world, they are cooked in beer batter and taste amazing. 
Esme is obsessed with the new Disney film Frozen....who isn't? Personally it's one of my top 10 Disney films. In Plymouth there is a business called Upon A Wish it's a group of ladies who dress up as Disney characters and go to events such birthday parties. As part of promoting their new business they held an event at a local community center where children could meet the Frozen characters. Esme loved it.

Always Smiling x

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